Brian J. Roan doesn’t know when to quit.


It was in 2010, I believe, when I first decided to start writing about movies. With nothing but a slight drinking problem and a laptop computer, I bought a subscription to a hosting service, slapped together a very badly-made Wordpress site, and began putting down my thoughts.

Not long after, I started to write for a legitimate film website, and began honing my personal site into something slightly more respectable-looking. I began podcasting, started going to press screenings, and through many jobs, a marriage, the birth of my first daughter, and finally the fatal hacking of my original websites, I have persisted in believing someone might care what I have to think about stuff.

This is to say nothing of having been writing fiction since the first grade, and being a very avid amateur street photographer.

Basically, I’ve always felt the need to put myself out there, and no matter how much changes it seems I can’t help but keep doing it.